Hint text override for input field master?


I am attempting to try and create a design system so have created a master for a type of input field in my design system library. It has hint text = “hint text” in the master version. Does anyone know a way to override the hint text in the master placed on a page so it can be specific to the UX context it’s placed in?

I can raise events, set widget text no problems, but the hint text seems to not be accessible to me.

I know I could set the master to be ‘break away’ but then I lose update propagation so would rather not do it this way if possible.

Same would apply to input field ‘type’ which will trigger different types of keypads on mobile.


Hi Jarryd

Did you find a solution for this? I have the exact same issue on a project I’m working on.


@Jarryd @hn78

I’ve used javascript to make it happen, please take a look of this as reference