Horizontal lines not the correct size in generated prototype

when I use the horizontal line tool the line in the generated prototype is much shorter that what was created.

Hi Sensitech,

Hmm, I see this working on my end. Could you post your .rp file here so that I could take a closer look?

Here’s screenshots of what was happening.

RP File Example

Generated Prototype

However I just pulled an update and the issue seems to be fixed.
I’ll reply again if it happens more.

This is often happening to me. I am using a lot of lines and every time I generate a prototype they are vastly different lengths than what it shows in-tool. This is ruining my entire design.

I’ve discovered that this is happening based on the screen zoom. the lines are only as designed when viewing the UI in browser at 100%

You’re right! It fixes itself when it is at 100%. Thank you. I guess for now I will just try my best to avoid changing the zoom level when presenting this.

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