Horizontal repeater and dynamic text in it

Hi there.
Having some issues with chips in Axure.
I have to add a chip to an horizontal collection of these elements,
each time I trigger a state change on a checkbox in a filter dropdown menu.
The label of the checkbox should appear as text on the brand new added chip.
I thought it was simple, created a repeater, manage to add new ‘rows’ (in my case cols) by clicking on a button, but could not handle the labels on them. I mean each, text on the chips have the same name as others and this makes the change of the label be applied to all available labels.
Thanks for your attention and help.

If your repeater is listing identical items for each row, you need to look closely at the event on the repeater called OnItemLoad. It controls what happens when the repeater tries to load each column. By default, it uses a “setText()” event to print the proper item label on the repeated set of widgets.