Horizontal Scroll inconsistent on mobile, Help!

I have a dynamic panel set to horizontal scroll.
contents includes a bar chart with each bar including state changes using hotspots.

This works perfectly on desktop, on mobile it works perfectly until any hotspot is clicked/ state change happens, then the horizontal scrolling becomes inconsistent/ sluggish.

Really need some help on this, i’ve tried rebuilding this various ways with the same results…

File attached.

price comparison.rp (300.3 KB)

@Chelsea_Axure can you help with this?

@mbc66 can you help with this?

Unfortunately, I don’t have RP9 and my demo expired, so can’t look at your file.

In general, you might try using OnMouseUp event for your hotspots instead of OnClick. That has helped me when scrolling/dragging dynamic panels interferes with clicks or visa-versa.

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately this didn’t work, also tried OnMouseDown, whatever I do to try to simplify this the inconsistent scrolling occurs on mobile.

Attached is a rebuild by an Axure expert using a repeater, this still does not consistently horizontally scroll on mobile.

price comparison v2.rp (161.2 KB)

FYI: Had the following conversation with Axure support:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for writing! I did some testing here on my end and found that this is due to a bug. More specifically, if you have both:

  • A scrolling dynamic panel with a repeater in it.
  • The page has a height defined.

As a workaround, can you remove the height set on that page?
In the meantime, I’ve filed a report with our QA team to get this fixed up.
I hope this helps! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thanks for the reply, this fixes it for mobile but then becomes an issue for desktop as it stretches the background to full width and causes issues for the floating action button position, I tried to work around it with adaptive views but essentially the views needed were for the opposite case, thanks for your efforts with this anyway.

Kind regards


Hi Martin, thanks for bringing this up! Nice work. I’m bumping against the same issue, if i can ask for a minute of your time: you mentioned ‘remove the height set on that page’ and ‘this fixes it for mobile’. Would you mind explaining what does that entail? I can’t figure it and would love for it to work on mobile as a start… Also, will it scroll on mobile phone? the sluggish scroll work on desktop, but not on mu iphone. Thanks!!