Horizontal scroll on inline frame not working

I have an inline frame which shows table contents, the table contents are wider than the iframe and on most devices this triggers horizontal scroll … most devices that is apart from an iPad (6). Any ideas?


Hi Rich!

Hmmm, I just tested out working with a large table in an inline frame in a couple emulators (iPad 6 with iOS version 12.4 and an iPad Pro with iOS 13.1). It looks like the scrollbar doesn’t display right as the project loads, but i can swipe or drag to horizontally scroll to navigate through the inline frame. Could you tell me more about the iOS version you’re running? If possible, it may help to take a look at your project file for more information on the inline frame’s set up and the table in use. If the file contains sensitive information you would prefer not to share through the forum, you can email our support team at support@axure.com to share the file there instead!

Thanks Chelsea,

The iPad is 6th Gen with 32 GB Hard drive running IOS 12.3.1. I am based in the UK and the testing iPads are in the states which means it is tough to look at any specific settings. The table is very basic with no other interactions (maybe a hotspot), the iFrame is also standard. Annoyingly it all works fine on my phone and other touchscreen devices so I am thinking it might be an issue with that particular iPad or perhaps the OS it is running. I am going to try and get our researcher to run it on another machine to see what happens.