HOTSPOT Problem in Axure?

Hi Eeryone
I have not been on Axure for a few months and just doing a quick mock-up.
But have 2 hotspots not working. Am providing the file to look at and see if someone can fix - (and I can see what I did wrong).

Its links 3 + 4.: On BACK TO SELECTION Button: I can’t program the hotspot to hide the Product Panel its on and go back to prior search screen of 4 images (also hide the grey panel also too).

Then its the same with Exit hotspot: Can’t hide all this artwork and grey panel and go back to the base photo only- by hiding all the layers.

What have I forgotten…maybe I should have made Panel States or something? But its the hotspots not working for me here…help please> DARYLKounta.rp (743.3 KB)

The onClick action for the “pop-up” hotspot shows the product panel and brings it to the front. That’s then hiding the hotspot for the “back to selection” button. If you un-check “bring to front” then it should work (assuming the “back to selection” hotspot is already at the front in the prototype. If not, just do that one time manually).

It would be better, however to have the product panel as a group that also contains all its hotspots. Then have the onClick action for the “pop-up” hotspot show that group. That way, its hotspots won’t be clickable until needed.

Thanks Jon

Bit rusty after a few months (and I was pretty technical then with axure)…think I needed to do Dynamic Panels to make this work better. Will try your advice and thanks: Daryl