Hover over one element, affect others

Hello everyone.
I’m new here, and I need your help.

I have a table row with three items inside each cell and I want to have an ability to highlight each number in cell on hover. And after that I want to duplicate this row and make it possible to hover over one number within a cell and highlight all other related numbers. It’s hard to imagine, so I’ve attached an animation.

My goal is to make it reusable, so is it possible to have one master row and then duplicate it but even if I’ll have 10 rows I want to act it like on the animation above.

Thanks in advance.

When you say you have a table, do you mean you’re using table widget, or are you using a repeater widget?

It was just a statement :slight_smile:
For now I neither use a table widget nor a repeater.

Here’s my flow.
I have prepared a table row, converted it into a master and added an interaction to the specific numbers. Then I want to duplicate that row and make it possible to highlight all related numbers by hovering on one of them (like on animation above)