How backward dynamic to repeater? Or, simple resize base

now i’m want resize my dynamic panel to blue corner of bordered rectangle.
So, it must be doing only with creating new Repeater?
Or possible change dimensions of base repeater (before converting it into dynamic panel)?

To change the size of a dynamic panel make sure you’re editing the page and not a state in the panel (as it appears you’re doing) and click and drag the handles to resize the panel. Or you can right click the panel and select Fit to Content so the panel will resize to fit whatever is in the current state.

This hint helps me fit only Content to Dynamic control…
But i’m need fit Dynamic panel yo Content (blue bordered rectangle)

The blue border is the size of the panel. If you want to fit the panel to the content, then I explained that. If you want to fit the content to the panel, then resize the content.

If the content is a repeater, well, then it depends on how big the content in the repeater is and how many rows there are.

To be honest I’m not really understanding what you want.

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