How can I change the effect of filtering the items of a repeater?


How can I change the effect of filtering the items of a repeater?
I have a repeater list and I’m using some columns as “tag”, I can filter the items according to the presence of these tags in the items but I want to change the effect of the filtering which is show/hide by default. I want to keep visible all my items and make them selected according to my filtering rules. Basically, I want to filter the items but I want to select/unselect them instead of showing/hiding them.
(I use Axure RP 8)

I hope my aim is clear.

I couldn’t find any existing topic about it, in case please link it.

Thank you in advance!

It’s possible to achieve the effect that you want, it’s just not possible using the built-in repeater filter (or, if it is, it’s not worth the effort).

Just use some conditional logic to check a column for a specific value OnItemLoad.

This can demonstrate it faster than I can explain it.

SelectMultipleRepeaterItems.rp (61.3 KB)

Thank you very much for the reply!

I followed your suggestion but I have the following problem:

When I select a filter/tag button it does not select the dynamic panel in the repeater. It seems that working under onLoadItem when I select the filter it doesn’t automatically update the “selected state” of the dynamic panel. This actually makes sense because when I select the filter button I’m not reLoading the repeater. So why in your example this works?
The only difference between yours and mine is that instead of using a droplist widget I’m using custom made toggle buttons (checkbox style interaction but not using the chbox widget for aesthetic reason), Is this the reason?
Do you have an idea on how I can solve it?

Thank you.

custom-filter-ex-f.rp (2.3 MB)

Two things:

  1. Check your OnItemLoad cases; your “show installations” case is set to “Else If”. Since the first case was successful, it never moved on to check your filter parameters. You can change a case’s IF/ELSE IF condition by right-clicking on it.

  2. You need to force a refresh on the repeater in order to fire its OnItemLoad event. That’s why I had the drop down add a simple filter and then immediately remove it.

Another way to look at it is: all of the buttons have the exact same interaction. All they do is tell the repeater to reload. The repeater is the one doing all of the logic work. We’re just asking it to check for specific conditions every time it reloads.

Forcing a refresh was exactly what I was missing, I had not idea how to do it. It would be great to have a specific action to do that with any widget, I looked for it a lot of times in vain.

Thank you very much for your help!