How can I determine the length of a repeater row that has a variable length?


I am working on a prototype for a multi-select filterable dropdown. More or less recreating the functionality seen here:

Right now, I am using repeater rows to create the filter tags, and the content of those tags are determined by the text in the dropdown options as they are selected. The problem is I need to know the width of the filter tag group after it’s added (since it can change based on the options selected) in order to accurately shrink the text field as more tags are added, but I have no clue how to do that.

Here is the Axure file if that helps. I’ve tried using the Width_Main column in the option repeater since that is tied to the length of each option, but it doesn’t seem to recognize it. Right now in the file I’m using some logic to manipulate the text field based on the default size of the tag repeater group but that approach isn’t working for what I need since that size is static.
Multi-Select Filterable Dropdown Example.rp (86.8 KB)

Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!

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