How can I enable the function of the dynamic panels in my prototype?

I try to make a layer control so that I could switch different layers of the dynamic panel. I can slide to see the layers and I got this done. In addition, I can switch layers by clicking the next or previous buttons and this is functioning. I also set on-click cases on each layer panels to switch layers but it doesn’t work at all.

What can I do to make the layer control switch layers both by clicking each layer’s dynamic panel (B1, F1, etc.) and by clicking the previous and next buttons? Could anybody help me check it?


slide-and-click-to-switch-layer.rp (112.6 KB)

Hi There,

I’m not sure what isn’t working - I’m able to use the previous and next buttons as well as click on “B1”, “F1”, etc and have it change states in your file without any changes.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your question?

I have solved the problem. I meant that I wanted to realize 3 functions.

1)Slide the layer control to see different layers, and it’s working;
2) Click on the next or the previous button to switch layers, and it’s also working;
3) Click on the “B1”, “F1”, etc., to switch layers, it didn’t work and this was my problem.

I checked on the cases and found out that the third function would run if I set the cases with text areas in the default states of “B1”, “F1”, etc. instead of setting with the dynamic panels itself.

I don’t know if I explained clearly. However, I figured it out. But thank you all the same :slight_smile: