How can I interacting with a function only when the text field's style effects is mouseover?

I’ve set a lot of style effects for the textfield.
When mouse overing, I want to link to a specific page.
When you are editing a text field, click to go to a specific page.

Could you post your .rp file? It is difficult to understand the logic behind your requests, and it would seem to lead to poor usability. (But perhaps you are thinking of opening links in a popup window or frame to provide text input help, or something like that?) It also seems like you might be conflating Style effects with Interactions. Here are some short answers though…

Use the Mouse Enter event, then select the Open Link action.

I assume you have a distinct widget or area the user can click to jump to a page. It is very common for user to click on a text field to initiate editing, so you probably don’t want to jump to a different page immediately. During the text entry/editing process, a user may need to click anywhere on their text to reset the text input cursor, e.g., to correct a spelling mistake, and you likely don’t want to interrupt that. It is also very uncommon for a user to enter text in a field and then click that same field with expectation of doing anything (other than moving the input cursor.) However, you can use the Click or Tap event for your text field, assign some logic (e.g., IF text on This is not equal to “”, or IF text on This contains “bird” …) to call the Open Link action.