How can I load 100 images in a repeater efficiently?

Hi! Does anyone know if there is a more efficient way of loading 100+ images into a repeater dataset without having to manually import them one by one?

I have an excel sheet already set up with the 100+ rows of data that I need to copy into the dataset, the only missing piece is the images.

Hi, lukeces. If you’re able to host them somewhere, you can put urls in the repeater and then set an image placeholder to point at them.

Hi Jeff_Harrison, that sounds promising. I can probably get links to the images on the server. I’ve set up the file already with an image placeholder in the repeater and just placed external links in the dataset to trial it. How would you go about setting up that link between the placeholder and links?

Ok seems to have worked now with the usual set up

Set image to [[Image]]

Where the Image column in the dataset is just the URL.

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