How can I load libraries from axure share in Axure RP 9?

I am looking for a way to load libraries from Axure share in Axure RP 9. This option is available in Axre RP 8, I’m not sure if it’s me that can not find this option in Axur Rp 9 or it is not built yet for this version.

Its the + button next to the search bar in the libraries pane now.
Clicking on the + button will bring up the finder window for you to select a “local” library.

If you want to add a library from your Axure Share account, simply click on the selected library droplist (“Default” in the image above) and scroll down to the section where it says “Available From Cloud,” It looks like it lists all your library files that youve uploaded to your Share account.

Thank you, but the ‘Available From Cloud’ hasn’t listed any library files that I have uploaded in my Axure share account.

Make sure you are signed in to the same account on both your Axure Share account and in the application itself.

I am signed in into the same account. It seems there is a bug.

Yep have the same issue here. It’s not showing up… on a side note… Find of Disk… well that feels dated.

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Hi guys!

You should be able to load RPLIB files from Axure Share into the Axure RP 9 Beta. As Jaewoo mentioned, the libraries from Axure Share are available to load from the “Available From Cloud” section. If you aren’t able to find the targeted Axure Share library, please ensure that you are logged in to the account where this library is hosted, and that the library is not a team project RPLIBPRJ file (team projects are not yet supported on the Axure RP 9 Beta).

Hi @Jane_Axure… I don’t see “Available From Cloud” option in the menu and I’m logged into the correct account.

Here’s what I see…

Hi KavaKiwi,

Ah! Sorry for the confusion.

The “Available From Cloud” option is available when clicking on the library droplist, as you can see here:

Thank you! I think most of my issues are just trying to learn the new UI.

I can’t load my library from cloud. Get the message “The library could not be loaded”. I don’t know why ?

Thanks for the quick update. Version fix the problem :slight_smile:

Will Axure Shared Library supported in the final version?

Hi supertoket,

Yep! Team project widget libraries should be supported when Axure RP 9 is officially released.

Fron a user experience perspective, the location for “Available from Cloud” is in unexpected. I expected to find it under “Get libraries” flyout as well. How illogical of me… ; )


I am not seeing ‘AVAILABLE FROM CLOUD.’ I am logged in and have followed all the other procedures.


I also am not seeing available from Cloud. I just updated to the latest version and am also logged in.


If you’re on the latest build (3642), are logged in to the Axure account that has your widget libraries, and don’t see “Available from Cloud” when opening the widget library search dropdown and scrolling to the bottom, then can you verify whether you’re currently unable to publish to the Axure Cloud via Axure RP, or if you happen to have any proxies or the like set up that may be preventing Axure RP from pinging <> to pull that library information?

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for the suggestions. I have gone throgh the steps:

  1. Yes, I am on the latest build
  2. Yes, I am logged in to my Axure account
  3. I still do not see “Available from Cloud” when scrolling to the bottom of the drop-down
  4. I can publish to Axure Cloud via Axure RP (9 Beta)
  5. I am not aware of any proxy settings that would prevent such pinging

Thanks for that! To confirm, of the libraries that you have hosted on the Axure Cloud, have you already loaded them? The “Available from Cloud” section will show the libraries that are available on the cloud but have not yet been loaded into the Libraries pane. Once cloud libraries have been loaded, they will be removed from the “Available from Cloud” section and will instead show among your other local libraries with a cloud icon next to them:

If all of the libraries that you have hosted on your Axure account are already loaded, then the “Available from Cloud” section won’t be visible since there’s nothing to see. Does that sound like what you’re running into?