How can I resize or scale masters?

Hi there,

I’m designing an iPhone app, so want to have a bunch of screens on separate pages in Axure, but then also create flows with them elsewhere.

Right now, I create masters of the screens, and then drag those masters into the flows. The problem is that they’re too big to show a complex flow and I can’t find out how to scale them.

Seems like a strange thing, that you can’t resize instances.

Any ideas?


Set the master drop behaviour to ‘Break Away’ and you will be able to resize single instances of your master to your heart’s content.

Thanks for the reply.

That’s not useful for my needs though, since it’s not really a master any more with that behaviour.

You know, Axure’s useful for some things, but it’s terminology is so terrible it’s annoying.

A quick way is to create another master when the size are different and distinct.

Thanks for the response.

Though again, this then kinda defeats the entire point of using masters.

You can always nest the master in a DP and change the size of the DP. You will have to manually change the master size in the DP though.

If you are creating flows, why not use simple boxes pointing to the appropriate pages/screens? This way you won’t have to drag the big-size screens and you will avoid performance issues in rendering a flow diagram made up of screens instead of references. Just a thought :)!


Another workaround might be to convert the masters to images when you’re creating your flows. Again, you lose the link to the master, but its a lot easier than manually resizing everything each time.

I started using Axure today and I’m facing the same problem. I want to have a logo in a master that I can resize in other places.

To achieve that I did the following:

  • Host the image that you want in a FTP that you can edit later;
  • Create a master
  • Add an image to it
  • Add an “onLoad” event with Widgets -> Set Image
  • Change “Default” from “Image” to “Value”
  • Add the img src that you hosted on the FTP
  • Now use that master and break away at will to resize, since it will download the image from the source that you can change anytime.