How can I un-checkout changes to global guides?

I’m working on a team project. I’m trying to check in one page I’ve been working on (leaving others checked out) but when I do so it’s also prompting me to check in the ‘Global Guides Change’. Now, I haven’t intentionally made a change to the global guides so I’d like to be able to cancel any changes I’ve made to this. I can do that with pages (Undo check out) but for things like this there’s no obvious way to achieve this.

I’ve had similar problems when I’ve accidentally made changes to the sitemap (deleted a page, for example) but I can’t find a way to undo such items from the check in process.

The dialog box lists the items I’m checking in, and I have to either accept everything or nothing.

Is there a way to basically say “oops, I have made a change by mistake, please don’t check this change in and remove any edits to it that I may have inadvertantly done” (or something to that effect)?

Hi ArghZombies,

Because the sitemap and global guides are not check-out-able elements, there is no way to undo the check-out. You should be able to undo–“Edit > Undo”–these changes, but I suppose that would only work if you notice that you’ve changed a Global Guide. Once you try to send changes, simply undoing the action won’t work.

If you delete a page or change a global guide unknowingly, your best bet is probably to recover it from a previous version of the project. You can go to “Team > Browse Team Project History…” and export a version of your project that contains the missing page or the pre-change global guides.

You can then use the exported .rp file to import the page/guides back in to your Team Project using “File > Import from RP File…”. You’ll have to go through a series of prompts and you’d have the ability to import only the guides.

I realize that can be a pain, so I’m going to speak with someone on our product team about this. Perhaps we can look into the ability to cancel individual changes at the check in step.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.



I’m having the same problem with
a) having accidentally changed a global widget style and now I can’t bring it back to what the team is using
b) having changed the global guides - I prefer a different guide colour to my teammate, we’d like to maintain different settings

Has there been any change to the situation since this thread?

Hi deborah!

  1. If you’ve changed a global widget style and would like to retrieve the styles your team members are using, you can use the “Team > Get All Changes from Team Directory” option. This will pull all the changes from the team directory to your current local copy. If you’ve already published the unwanted style changes to the team directory, what you’ll want to do is get a previous revision of the team project (“Team > Browse Team Project History”), export the revision to a standalone RP file, import the RP file into your local copy (“File > Import from RP File”), and then check in those changes to the repository.

  2. I’m seeing that global guide colors, even in team projects, remain unique to each computer. That is, if your teammate changed their global guides to render purple, but you changed your global guides to render blue, then your teammate should see purple global guides when working on the team project, and you should see blue global guides when working on the team project. Is that different from what you’re seeing?

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