How change Dynamic slides by OnMouseHover to concrete Repeater item

I wont use Repater and Dynamic slides for creating navigation menu.
If mouse cursor set to “Item X”, i want display “Slide 1”
If mouse cursor set to “Item XY”, i want display “Slide 2”

How Did Iit?? Thanks
Now i switch slide by Hot spots :frowning:

You can use the set panel state action and then choose the option to set to a value which will take either a number or the name of the dynamic panel. Then if you have a column in your repeater that stores the name of the state of the panel you can set the dynamic panel to that column.

I’ve attached a simple example where i’m setting a dynamic panel’s state to the value of the column on mouse enter. I used the mouse enter event as the hover adds a bit of a delay, but you can use the exact same logic on hover, too. Take a look and see if that approach will work for your use case. Or, if you can share your file I can wire it up quickly in your file, too.

hoverchangestate.rp (61.8 KB)

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