How do I add space to the top of every page of RP file

I want to add space to the top of every page of my website. So from this( to this(–The yellow area is the space I want to add to every page. I hope that I don’t have to go into every page and move the content down to make room for the masthead. Is there a quick or easy way to add space to the top of every page? Thanks for any assistance!

If you don’t need the Axure navigation menu on the left you can create a page with Inline Frame, position it on the page so that you have required space on top, and set this Inline Frame to display your project.

Hi Dave,

We received your support ticket and it looks like we were able to provide some suggestions for adding additional space to the pages of your prototype’s output, but it sounds like you’re looking for a better way to add the space to your prototype pages in Axure RP’s canvas itself. There isn’t a quick way to do this at the moment (other than manually shifting the content of each page), but I can go ahead and let our PM team know that you’d be interested in this kind of feature!