How do I apply Style Effects using the Widget Style Manager

I see the feature listed at the bottom of the Widget Style Manager

but is it disabled. How do I apply rollover effects to a button and save as the default button style>

Interesting… It would be nice to be able to specify these Style Effects directly in the Style Manager. I think the intent is that these Widget Styles (the list on the left side of the dialog) can be used for one of the Style Effects at a time (which are defined individually on the INTERACTIONS** pane.) For instance, I often use named styles in a project for “GenericSelected”, “GenericDisabled” etc. which I then apply to various widgets and types of widgets so they are all consistent.

It looks like the Style Effects checkbox is only enabled when using the Format Painter feature, in which you select a widget, then choose Edit > Format Painter (or Ctrl+M), check/uncheck this box, then click Copy, then select other widget(s) and click Apply. That will copy over any interactive Style Effects defined in the first source widget.

Here is the Axure documentation for this: