How do I change a flow shape to another one in Ax8?

Liking 8 overall but running into some quirks that are changing up my workflow.

It used to be I could right-click on flow shape and change it from say a Rectangle to a Stacked Rectangle. Now I only get an option to “transform” the shape which flips, rotates, and breaks apart, but I can’t simply swap out the shape with something else from the library.

Am I missing something? Can I still do this easily? (I’ve got a lot of flows to clean up, so we’re talking minutes versus hours if I have to redo this manually.)

Hi Zak,

It looks like the “Select Shape” option was removed from the right-context menu at some point during the 8.0 development, but you can still change the shapes via the “Select Shape” option in the properties tab of the inspector pane:

I’ll go ahead and put in a feature request for the “Select Shape” option to be re-added to the right-click context menu so that our teams can consider re-adding that. Thank you!

Ah, great, thanks Alyssa. That’s a big help!

That’s great, but the lost of shapes available in Select Shape (also available via right click on that little dot above the shape) does NOT match the shapes in the flow library, so I can’t convert to, say, a Stacked Rounded.