How do I get the screen size to be exact?


I’m trying to create a prototype for a school project and for some reason the page is just slightly too large for the screen, despite the fact that I set it as the exact screen size (1920). And I have no clue why this is…
Could anyone help me understand why it’s doing this?

Here’s the Axure page:

And here’s how it looks in the preview:

Did you account for the web browser’s “chrome” (borders, scrollbars, etc)? You will typically have 20-30px just for a scrollbar. You can also try viewing in fullscreen mode (F11 key on most browsers) to get the maximum available space, but if your content is longer or wider than the viewport, you will get scrollbars taking up some of that space. To measure how much viewport space you have available, you can use a plugin (like MeasureIt! for Google Chrome) or take a screenshot and measure pixels in your favorite graphics app.

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Definitely the scroll bars are the cause. A workaround would be to create a DP with a background imagem and automatically resize it to your browser height and width.
Take a look at my file, hope it will work out for you.

Full_width_BG.rp (113.4 KB)

Thanks a lot! I can’t believe I didn’t think to take into account the scrollbars!
I’ll definitely look into both of your suggestions and see what happens. Thanks once more!

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