How do I navigate large amounts of Master Views?


I’m creating a menu using a Master, with a Master View for every state. But I’m worried about what will happen when I have a large number of Master Views, because the horizontal bar for selecting them doesn’t have any way to scroll right, or an alternate way to choose the Master View you want. Am I missing something, or are you just out of luck if you try to use more than a small handful of Master Views?

On a side note, what I REALLY wish I could do is use a Dynamic Panel for each menu state AND display the appropriate Dynamic Panel State in the editor when editing a particular page. The closest it seems I can come to that is to use an OnLoad event to pick the correct menu state when the page is previewed, but it bugs me to not see the correct menu state when I’m editing.

Can anyone advise me on how to make either of these approaches work? Or am I going about making a menu totally wrong and should take a totally different approach?


I’m experiencing this same problem - what a baffling UI choice from Axure.

Can an Axure representative answer this for alternatives? This is increasingly frustrating from a User Experience perspective to have to connect to a TV or an ultra widescreen monitor to even check the ‘Affect all Views’ checkbox or even access a View all the way to the right.


Agree that this needs to be fixed. Basically I have to slide the app completely off the left side of the screen and then drag the viewport to the right to manipulate individual views. I have 10 views, each with three subsets…this makes it really difficult to work with.


I met this problem in a week I’ve tried Axure (´-ωก`)

Why it looks so not a problem for Axure Team? It’ll be occurred on everyone (´・ω・`)