How many files is too many files for Axure 9 team project?

We have a team project, a repo if you will, that use keep in sync on Axure Cloud, and an output project where we publish wireframes for review.

The has been some funniness going on when publishing to the output project. When the generating is done the team project, as seen in Axure Cloud, has only the files I selected to publish to the output project. So far, the only way I’ve been able to get the Axure Cloud team project to update with the files I have on my computer has been to click into Publish > Publish to Axure Cloud, Check Out a HTML configuration, manually select all of the files and click done.

We have slight north of 600 files in our Axure Cloud repo. Is that too many?

Hi! To clarify, by files do you mean pages? That shouldn’t be too many; while it’s a lot to manage, any project performance issues would generally be centered around whether the pages themselves are very widget-heavy.

If your team project is hosted at one URL on the Cloud and you’re using the “Publish Project” dialog to publish the project to a separate URL used for stakeholder review, then the issue you’re seeing with the team project repo showing the same pages as the stakeholder URL is likely because you’re using the same HTML generator for both. For example, if HTML 1 (which is the default generator) is what you have set for use for your team project and you deselect some pages when using HTML 1 to publish to the stakeholder URL, then those changes will also apply to the team project the next time you check in if those don’t get changed back. To help with this, I’d recommend creating a second HTML generator to use for the stakeholder URL; that way you can use one for the team project checkins and one that’s pre-set to show just the pages you want your stakeholders to review, and you don’t have to keep re-configuring them.

Hopefully that helps!

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