How to check if enabled or disabled?

I have already used the selected state and I would like to use enable/disable as well, but I don’t see a condition in the builder. Am I blind? How can I check if something is enabled?



Hmm, if you’re working in Axure RP 8 then there isn’t a condition or event that lets you directly check the enabled/disabled state of a widget. In the Axure RP 9 beta conditional logic for checking a widget’s enabled/disabled state is available (and currently being debugged), but in Axure RP 8 you can work around the issue by using global variables to hold information about whether a widget is enabled/disabled.

For example, if you have a widget that starts in the disabled state and want to check whether its disabled before enabling it/doing something else, you can use a global variable to store the value “Disabled”, and then have your interaction check “if value of [your variable] equals “Disabled”, then do xyz”; that interaction should then do the needful along with setting the variable value to “Enabled” if your interaction enables the previously disabled widget.

The attached sample file toggles the enabled/disabled state of a widget based on the value stored in the variable used in the conditions. Hopefully that helps a bit!Enable and Disable.rp (50.6 KB)

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Thx, I used this workaround as well. Good to know it’s part of RP 9!

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