How to create a drop-down list in Dynamic panel

When I added the drop-down, it is not integrated into the panel please the attachment1Dynamic_Panels_Accordions.rp (95.4 KB)

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Sorry please see attachment

Hi marachka,

I took a look at the file and I see that your droplist has two list options and is contained within a dynamic panel, but the droplist currently has no interactions. What is the expected behavior in your prototype? Is the droplist meant to be inside of one of the “Show-Hide” dynamic panels, or is it meant to affect one of the other widgets on the page? If you’re able to provide a bit more detail about what you’d like for it to do then we can better assist. :slight_smile:

Hi Alyssa,
Thank you for your help. My vision of the prototype is when a user clicks on the show dynamic panel, the droplist meant to be inside of one of the “Show-Hide” dynamic panels, and a user will be able to select any selection from the drop-down.


It sounds like you want the droplist to be contained along with one of the “Program Content” widgets inside of a dynamic panel. Right now it looks like the “Program Content” widgets are not inside of a dynamic panel. To put the droplist in a panel along with one of the “Program Content” widgets, you can select both widgets, right-click the selection, and choose “Convert to Dynamic Panel”. This should do the trick and get both widgets contained in a dynamic panel for you.

Hopefully that helps!

I tried that it does not work i adeded the text box as well but your trick does not work. Please see the attachment3Dynamic_Panels_Accordions.rp (102.3 KB)

Hi! It looks like you’ve put the “Program Content” and “Droplist” widgets into two separate dynamic panels. To put them in the same dynamic panel, first you’ll want to right-click them and use “Break Away First State” to remove those widgets from the dynamic panels, so that they sit right on the canvas. Next, select both the “Program Content” and “Droplist” widgets, so that they are both selected together (you can click+drag to select both, or shift+click). Once both are selected then you should be able to right-click and convert them into a dynamic panel, so that they are both inside.

Alternatively, if you have an existing dynamic panel and want to add content to it, you can open the dynamic panel by double-clicking it on the canvas, and then choosing which state you want to edit. You can then paste your widgets or add them from the Libraries pane to that panel.

Hopefully that helps!

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