How to create a scrolling content always visible on the page?

Hi experts,

I would like to create a scrolling content always visible on the page even if users scroll up and down. Here’s an example : -> the left bloc content is always visible even if we scroll
How can i do this?
Thank you in advance,

Hi Alex_AX,

The URL you linked to didn’t have scrollable content when I viewed it on my end, but if you wanted to show something regardless of scroll direction, you could convert the content into a dynamic panel (right-click > “Convert to Dynamic Panel”), and then use the DP’s “Pin to Browser” feature:

This will pin the DP to your page, so that it is always visible on scroll.

Lmk if you have any questions!

Thank you very much,
When i scroll, the left bloc content is not totally pinned to browser. There is an margin between the top of browser and the bloc, that gives the impression of moving.
How i can create this effect?
Thank you,

Hi Alexandre,

So that I can get a better sense of what you’re going for, could you link me to an example site or video? This’ll allow me to build you an example .rp file on how you can achieve this in Axure RP.

In case this helps at all, you can pin a dynamic panel to a specific location on the page with margins, i.e. it doesn’t have to be pinned at the very top or bottom.

Bonjour @Alex_AX,

I hope I understood your problem right. You can archive this effect by moving the elements inside the dynamic panel, so that they are getting the margin to the browser.
See the attached file for clarification.
PinnedToBrowser.rp (51.3 KB)