How to create a tab you can delete?

Similar to a web browser tab that you can delete and the next tabs move next to it dynamically, how can I do this?

I have the tab widget, and I am able to delete repeater columns (readjusted to sit horizontally), but how do I combine both functionalities?


I can’t quite picture your UI from the description, but if you want to dynamically create/delete tabs, use a separate, horizontal repeater for your tab bar.

Thanks for your response!
I have a horizontal repeater so far (bottom example in file) the “patient” tabs delete the way I would like them to, but I’m not sure how to make the worklist and patient tabs into tab behavior (dynamic panel/states), like the tab example above. I’m having difficulty understanding how to add different states to individual repeater sections.

DeleteTabs.rp (73.2 KB)

I end up not using the repeater. Almost there… Tabs are being deleted, but when I am on the tab itself and try to delete the tab, I can’t seem to delete (hide) the state/content with it as well. DeleteTabs_1.rp (73.3 KB)

End up figuring it out using conditions!

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