How to create axure file to APK file.?

How to create the axure file into APK file format. just for demo purpose, not a final app. just for click and explore the app functionality. is there any possibility there in axure8 or axure9? if anyone knows please help me with this.

There’s a lot more steps in between what you said. I suppose you could use something like Cordova or PhoneGap to show the output HTML, but really if you need it on a phone I’d just use the Axure Share app to view your prototype.

There’s no one-click way to make Axure into an APK, you’d have to do it yourself.


i have the same question, but for the final app

You’re better off researching app development then. Do you have a specific question though?

my client asked this. They told some other company did this. so I thought axure has some features

You can use cordova.

I would suggest if you want to to this, your app would have to be designed for all different devices you want it installed on.

This mean you would have several version, and probably write a code that would dected the device and provide the required Android screen size app. lots of different screen sizes.

For iOS you may be able to this with less screen, though lots of design time would be needed.