How to create more... as seen in screenshot

I am trying to create or add more search results as seen in screenshot. Tried almost all methods finally used a predictive search template but could not add more search results option.

Use a repeater to create your list. Filter the repeater so only the first N rows are shown. When “See More” is clicked, remove the filter, and/or change it so more rows are shown. For example, to show the first 5 rows only, you can use a filter rule of [[Item.index < 6]]

Another approach would be to group items in your list, e.g., in sets of 5 items. Hide all the groups expect the first one. When “See More” is clicked, progressively show the next item. You can set this up with some conditional cases, e.g., if there are four groups,

If ListGroup2 is hidden
Show ListGroup2
Else If ListGroup3 is hidden
Show ListGroup3
Else If ListGroup4 is hidden
Show ListGroup4

If you place your list groups in a dynamic panel, then the scrollable area of that dynamic panel will grow as you show more groups. You can use the dynamic panel’s Scroll To Widget to show all or a portion of the newly available items.

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Thank you will try this.