How to create one dynamic state for every rows in repeater?

I have a question about creating panel states in repeater.

I have a 3 items in my repeater: every has it’s own price and weight. I created dynamic panel with state 2 where is green rectangle.

When cursor is on every item shows this rectangle, but show only values with the first row.
I would like to each of the item shows green rectangle (with it’s frame around words) and it’s own price and weight from repeater. I want to do this with only one interaction for all repeater, is it possible?

fruits.rp (359.8 KB)

Yup. You need to tell the repeater to set the text on the widgets inside the dynamic panel’s second state:fruits.rp (360.7 KB)

Widgets within panel states are completely independent from one another, even if they have the same name. You told the repeater to set the text on the first widget named “price” but not the second one named “price”.

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Thanks for your help!

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