How to disable buttons/repeater on return to original panel state?

I have a page with a dynamic panel that has 3 states. (This is pretty straightforward and easy to explain, but I’m unable to upload my .rp file due to security reasons. I can upload a basic example if necessary.)

The First State has a repeater table with a row the user has to click, and a few buttons at the top disabled. To enable the buttons, the user clicks a row and the row will highlight, and enables the buttons at the top.

Clicking one of the buttons at the top sends the user to another dynamic panel (Same page, just different state), when they hit submit on the Second State it sends them back to the First State, but the row is still highlighted and the buttons are enabled. I want the row and buttons to be disabled upon return to the First Panel State. I’m having some trouble with condition building but I’m assuming that’s what I need to do.

I recommend using the PANEL STATE CHANGED event of your dynamic panel. Add a conditional case to test for “State1” (or whatever your first state is named) and include an action to disable the buttons.

Ok so i did that I believe… and it’s still doing the same thing. Buttons and repeater row are still enabled upon return to the First State.
I said:
Panel State Changed
If state of Dynamic Panel equals First State
Repeater row

Hmm… without an .rp file, hard to say what might be going on.