How to disable triple-tap on mobile prototype?

Does anyone knows how to disable the triple tap which will trigger the project menu? It’s kinda frustrating that users EASILY trigger the project menu when interacting on the mobile prototype.

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This “feature” annoyed the hell of me during mobile prototyping, and a found a brute force hack to solve it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work if you host your prototype on axshare, so you need to upload your prototype on a webspace to get rid of the tripple-tap.

After generating the prototype, locate the axplayer.js file. It’s in the resources/scripts/player/ directory. Open the file with a text editor and search for this line

$axure.utils.isShareApp() ? $('#nativeAppControlFrame').show() : $('#mobileBrowserControlFrame').show();

Now, comment out the first and the third line by entering // in front of the line.

It should look like this:

// $('#mHideSidebar').show();
// $axure.utils.isShareApp() ? $('#nativeAppControlFrame').show() : $('#mobileBrowserControlFrame').show();

Save the changes to the axplayer.js file and upload everything to your webspace. If you open the prototype on your phone’s browser or with a kiosk app it won’t trigger the menu after quickly tapping on the screen.