How to display password for a prototype in axsure Cloud?


With the new Axure Cloud, I do not see how I can display or show the current password for a prototype? In the old interface, there was an option to “display current password”. It appears in the cloud, there is only an option to set a new password but not show the current one. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?



Hi John!

The option to display the current password is not available in Axure Cloud, although I’ve sent along your interest in this feature to our respective teams for review. If you need to check on the current password, you can try using the legacy Axure Share site instead. Thanks!


Thank you! Will the legacy site be available until new features are added to the cloud that existed on the legacy site? I have many projects that have passwords and if I forget them that would be a big problem to reset them all if I can’t see them.


Hi John!

Unfortunately there’s no information currently available regarding how long the Legacy Axure Share site will be available, so I can’t say for certain. However, it’s good to know about how you’re using project passwords currently, and that will be noted as the request is reviewed. Thank you!

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