How to do a "field contains" filter from one repeater to another?

I’ve got two repeaters (A and B). Both have a field called “Find” in them. Repeater A’s Find field contains a single number (eg “2”), while repeater B’s Find field contains multiple numbers divided by spaces (eg “3 2 4”

I would like to have an onClick action in repeater A which sets a filter on repeater B to find all matches in repeater A’s Find field in repeater B. So a matching example would be:

Repeater A’s Find field = “2”, Repeater B’s Find field = “3 2 4”

I’ve tried this in the filter acting on Repeater B from the onClick inside Repeater A, but it brings back nothing:

[[ Item.Find.indexOf(TargetItem.Find)>=0 ]]

Can anyone suggest anything?


I’m a little confused about what you’re describing. When you say “field” are you saying there’s a text input field inside each repeater? So there’s a text input on each row? If you can upload an example of your project it would probably help a lot.

You can use an event inside one repeater to add a filter to another: Filter_Repeater_By_Repeater.rp (56.9 KB)

Although, I’m not sure if this is really the problem you’re talking about.

Sorry - it’s a bit hard to describe.

But yes, that example is what I was wanting to do, and I was doing it in exactly the way you did, the only difference being that I had my query expression wrong!

I had:

[[ Item.Find.indexOf(TargetItem.FindB)>=0 ]]

Which, now that I look it properly, is clearly a pile of shit.

Thanks for the help though! Much appreciated.

No problem. Glad I could help. :smile:

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