How to easily deselect a group of masters

Hi. I have a group of several instances of a master, e.g.:

master instance 1
master instance 2
master instance 3
master instance 4
master instance 5

Clicking on any instance will toggle it on or off; “on” basically means that it is highlighted. However, I want users to be able to have only one instance “on” at a time – clicking any other instance will switch off whichever one is currently on.

Is there a good way to do that, given that selection groups (as best I can determine) don’t work with masters? I’d rather not have to name every instance that should be deselected whenever a given instance is turned on.

I tried grouping the set of instances, hoping that I could then just deselect that group whenever an instance is clicked, but it doesn’t really work out.

You can use selection groups with masters but the way to do it is kinda “hidden”.

You need to turn off “Isolate Selection Groups” for each instance of the master on the page.


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Ok, I found and turned off Isolate Selection Groups for each instance of the master, but I can’t see any option for including those instances in a selection group. (I tried the context menu and the Interactions sidebar.) Help?

You set the selection group name on the “primary” master. It carries up to the instances.

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