How to enter number to input to update repeater rows

if i enter num in input it will effect the row number

Do you have a question or are you having a problem? Do you want something to happen when there’s a number in the input? What do you want to happen?

When I enter the number “5” into field, I will have 5 rows in repeater, if the field changes to “0” then the rows will update accordingly


You DM’d me with similar request, but did not provide enough detail about exactly what you are expecting. I still have questions.

What should the new rows contain?
If there are existing rows, should they be replaced, deleted or remain? For instance, if the repeater has 2 rows and you enter “5” should that delete the existing rows and add 5 blank ones? Or should the 2 rows be retained and only 3 new rows added? If the repeater has 7 rows and you enter “5” should the input be ignored? Treated as an error? Or, should 2 rows be deleted? If so, which rows–last 2, first 2, random rows?

How would the rows be updated? Would their contents be cleared? Or contents hidden? Would the repeater rows themselves be hidden? Or actually deleted? If deleted, and you enter “0” then the repeater will disappear, but still exist with no rows.

I’ve updated the prototype I sent you with a new “Page 2” that will do what you’ve asked, assuming you want to either add new rows to the bottom of a repeater or remove existing rows from the bottom of the repeater. Note that the more rows to be added the longer it will take to see the results.

Add N Rows.rp (95.6 KB)