How to filter list on drag & drop

How do you filter a repeater list based on drag & drop of a widget? I am having some difficulty with this.

I am using Axure 9 BETA, it appears that filter on repeater is not working. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.


This appears to be a bug unrelated to drag and drop. No matter what filter I apply, the repeater returns no rows (Oddly, I can filter the stock repeater just fine, so there may be some bug that your particular repeater has surfaced.)

For example, I created a button and OnClick added the following filter:

[[Item.employer != ‘xxx’ ]]

("!=" means “does not equal”)

That should return every row, because that expression is true for every row (i.e., you have no employer named “xxx”). Instead it returns no rows.

I’d contact support.

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Do you think it is 9 bug or just the repeater my file? I’ve sent an email to support. Thanks for responding.

Yeah, something happened to my file. I recreated the repeater and it’s working now. Thanks again for looking at the file.