How to fixed the Page location at 0,0 in Axure 9

Hello Everyone,
Today I started to use Axure 9, and I am getting trouble because when ever I am trying to open Axure 9 , My page is loading with +ve and -ve X/Y axis.
I want to make it fix as when ever I should open, it should be always show my page at 0,0
please let me know how to fix it.

Click on the top left corner, where the horizontal and vertical rules meet (or, in Windows, press Ctrl+9). You will return to (0,0)

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Thanks, But is it possible to make it fix ?

If you mean turning off the possibility of scrolling to negative values of x and y, I don’t think it’s possible as far as I know

Got it … Thanks for on time reply for above queries.

Hi there! As of build, you can now lock the Axure RP canvas in place to prevent negative scrolling. To do that, open Axure RP 9, follow the menu path: “Axure RP 9 > Preferences” and then uncheck the “Negative Canvas Regions” checkbox in the Canvas tab of the Preferences dialog.

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