How to get droplist options to drive to different pages

Hi Axure Community.

I am putting together a prototype where I am trying to get droplist option 1 to drive to page 1 and droplist option 2 to drive to page 2, all this without a Submit button. In reality, the prototype wouldn’t work this way but I am trying to use a shortcut.

Oddly enough, the 2nd option does indeed drive to page 2 but even though option 1 is coded identically (except for an OnClick event linking to page 1), nothing happens OnFocus. Why is that?

PS I am trying to upload the file but see no option here to do so?

Thanks for your help!


If I was doing this I wouldn’t use the default DropList provided by Axure. I would build my own. That was you can control the behavior exactly as you need it.

Hi there, thanks so much for your input. That absolutely seems to be the way to go. :slight_smile: