How to get get page content to adapt with dynamic panel

Hello, I am new to Axure and having difficulty figuring out how to get content to adapt with a dynamic panel. Basically I have built a dynamic panel which includes a form state and success validation state. The ‘Fit to content’ is selected however when I preview the page the content further down outside of the dynamic panel does not move up to be closer to the success state. Could anyone enlighten me what I need to do? Thanks

When you change the dynamic panel state, there is an option to “Push/Pull widgets”. Click “MORE OPTIONS” at the bottom of the Action panel to spin it open and choose to affect widgets below or to the right. For this to work, the widget positions cannot overlap–the widgets to be pushed/pulled must be “all the way” below your dynamic panel.

The “Fit to content” option will size the dynamic panel according to the contents of the topmost (or visible) state. So keep this checked.

Thanks mbc66, that’s exactly what I was looking for!