How to hide sitemap?

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I uploaded a file to the Cloud and I cannot find an option to remove the Sitemap bar at the top that is generated automatically by Axure. There used to be an option in the previous versions that I used to work with, but I cannot find it in this one.

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Go into the the project folder as seen here


Click start.html that should remove the sitemap bar or the other html with _c_1.html or _with_pages_html

Thank you.
This option will remove the sitemap from the local version though.
What about the public one?

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If you point to that file. it should for public facing as well.

Thank you for replying again, but can you give me the steps?
So, what I did is that I opened this file as you told me, it asked me to install the plugin and I did so, but the sitemap is still there. …
Then I go to the file and click on “Share”, but there is no option to point to this file…
I thought that there might be an option if I go to the Cloud, but I could not find there either.
Since I wanna use it for user testing purposes, I don’t want users to be able to navigate to other pages from the top.
just to make sure that we both refer to the same thing which is :

When you generate your HTML files in Axure, Axure would generate some files and folder

Index.html (This will open the site map)
Start.html (This will not open the site map, but the icon to expand the site map will be visible)
Start_c_1.html (This will open the site map but will not show the pages panel)
start_g_0.html (This will open the site map in full)

If you want to completely remove the site map so that user cannot open it

  1. delete the following axure generated pages
  • Index.html
  • Start.html
  • Start_c_1.html
  • start_g_0.html

Rename your first page in your project as index.html for example if your first page is called mywebsite. change it to index.html

Why change it to index.html?

This is because your web server would always look for index.html as the first page of your project that is if you decided to host the Axure project on a web server.

That is great ! Thank you very much. I have tried this locally and it definitely works. What is the next step to see it in Axure share as well? Cause If I upload it there by selecting HTML, the sitemap is still there.

Delete files and upload

I have found to remove the sitemap or “top bar” from the generated HTML preview, I had to remove lines 27 to 95 from the “index.html” and “start.html” files. Both of these files are exactly the same, so you could even copy and paste after the edits. I have attached “index.txt” if you’d like to just copy and paste the text over to those files within the prototype’s folder.

index.txt (3.4 KB)

By removing these lines, I was able to keep the adaptive views for mobile devices. If I do the deleting and renaming of the files previously mentioned, the adaptive views are lost.

These are the lines that are removed:

   <div id="topPanel">
        <div id="interfaceControlFrame">
            <div id="interfaceControlFrameLeft">
                <div id="interfaceControlFrameMinimizeContainer">
                    <a title="Collapse" id="interfaceControlFrameMinimizeButton">
                        <div id="minimizeArrow" class="minimizeButtonHover minimizeIcon"></div>
                        <div id="minimizeX" class="minimizeButton minimizeIcon"></div>
                <div id="interfaceControlFrameCloseContainer">
                    <a title="Close" id="interfaceControlFrameCloseButton">CLOSE</a>

                <div id="sitemapControlFrameContainer" title="Project Pages">
                    <div id="projectControlFrameHeaderContainer">
                        <ul id="projectControlFrameHeader"></ul>
                    <div id="interfacePageNameContainer">
                        <div id="interfacePageNameButton" class='pageNameHeader'>

                <div id="interfaceAdaptiveViewsContainer" title="Adaptive Views">
                    <div id="interfaceAdaptiveViewsIconButton">&nbsp;</div>
                    <div id="interfaceAdaptiveViewsButton" class='adaptiveViewHeader'>
                    <div id="adaptiveViewsDropdown" class="caret"></div>
            <div id="interfaceControlFrameContainer">
                <div id="handoffControlFrameHeaderContainer">
                    <ul id="handoffControlFrameHeader"></ul>
                <div id="interfaceControlFrameLogoContainer">
                    <div id="previewNotice">
                        Local Preview

            <div id="interfaceControlFrameRight">
                <div id="publishContainer">
                    <a id="publishButton">Share Prototype</a>
                <div id="inspectControlFrameHeaderContainer">
                    <ul id="inspectControlFrameHeader">
                        <li id="overflowBtn">
                            <a id="overflowMenuButton" title="View Options"></a>

                <div id="separatorContainer">
                    <div class="separator"></div>

                <div id="overflowMadeWith"><a href="" id="axureLogo" target="_blank"></a></div>