How to import data


I´m newbie to Axure, but I know, that other prototyping tools can easily import data to template from excel tables or simply copy/pasting of large amount of data. But I dont know how to do it in Axure. Copy it field by field is very exhausting and not effective.


Hi Petr,

If you’re looking to copy and paste data from an external spreadsheet like Excel, then there are a few ways to get that data into your prototype:

  1. You can copy a selection from your dataset file, then right-click the Axure RP canvas and choose “Paste Special > Paste as Table”. This will create a new table widget that accommodates the data that you’re pasting.

  2. If you have an existing table widget on the Axure RP canvas, you can select a cell and then paste the dataset that you have copied into your clipboard; this will fill the existing rows and columns of the table with as much of the pasted data as can fit.

  3. If you’re working with repeaters, then you can create a new repeater, open the repeater dataset, and paste the data from your clipboard into the repeater dataset; this should fill the repeater dataset with as many rows and columns as you’re pasting from your spreadsheet.

Hopefully that helps!