How to improve prototype performance?


We are working on creating a prototype which includes a lots of pages, elements, dynamic panels and repeaters. What we are observing is that with every new addition, the prototype is getting slower and slower. It takes a lot of time while Pre-viewing or using the axshare url. The file size currently is 120MB. And we are expecting it to double atleast with similar features and pages getting added.

How to solve this issue and improve the load time of the axshare url? Is there a way? I googled up and at some places it talks about creating separate files and linking them over in axure cloud. But not sure how exactly that is done. Any guided steps? Or any reference page help?


Hi @ashishranjan

In most cases, project performance is more directly impacted by the number of widgets that are on a page, not the number of pages that exist within a file.

Generally, dynamic panels and repeaters have more of an impact on the project due to the number of requests the web page is handling.

Here are the general recommendations for how to optimize a page to perform best both in Axure RP and the web browser.

  • 500 total widgets or fewer per page

  • 40 dynamic panels or fewer per page

  • 100 states in panels per page

  • 1 to 2 repeaters per page

  • Optimize any large images that are placed on a page or in a master, as large image files can impact the time it takes to load the page in a web browser.