How to input form data from pop up to repeater?

Hello everyone!

Please help me to complete my college assignments. I really need some help.

So, I made a form that can be filled in a pop up. In the form, there are photos that need to be uploaded by user, and some buttons that must be selected by user (if the user select one button, then the data will be import to the repeater). If the form is filled out, the data will appear from the results of the form filling, such as photos uploaded by the user, and the buttons that selected by user.

I also created 6 buttons and 1 buttons (can typing). So, if the user clicks on one of the 7 buttons, the other button will unselect
But when I click on one of the buttons, I can still click the button that can be typed. I mean, ‘if the user clicks on 1 button, then the button that can be typed can’t be clicked’

this is my file. Please help me!
forum 2.rp (319.7 KB)