How to insert line break in a repeater?

I wonder how do I insert a line break in the repeater? Could someone help me please?

You can just include the <br/> tag inline with the text in your repeater.

You can actually use other HTML tags as well like <i></i> or <b></b> to format the text.

Edit: After some testing, it turns out that for this to work you’ll need to add a short “Wait” action to the “OnItemLoad” event. About 1 to 10 ms depending on how much text you’re loading per row.

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Maybe you could just change “Set text to” option to “rich text” and play with editing it?

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to pop into the conversation quick with a solution that I posted a while back:

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br/ didn’t work for me and this solution is easier to manage and gives a better control over your content. Just split your content into 2 columns in your repeater’s table and manage rich text as described. This can also apply if you want to give different format (let’s say bold for example) to your text into a same repeater.