How to install axure on ubuntu?

How to install axure on ubuntu?

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According to the system requirements Axure only supports Windows and Mac.

Many years ago, I was the maintainer for the Axure WineHQ database entry. Axure almost worked briefly for one release of version 7:

I don’t maintain the entry any more, but feel free to test Axure 8 and put the results in.

I’d also be curious if anyone has gotten Axure Pro 9 to work on Ubuntu. The vast majority of my developers use Ubuntu for everything, so it would be great to use it, or an easy workaround for them.

We also migrated to Linux. Now I am getting used to use Figma (good in teams), but for more complex prototoypes I still need Axure (and like it).
Would be great to get it running on Linux (and use several screens) instead of a wonky virtual machine with one screen - it´s just not the same. (Currently it looks like Axure will be replaced in a not so far future.)