How to Link 4 Radio Buttons to Variable "Next" Button to Associated Forms?

I’ve created four radio buttons that lead to separate forms when the NEXT button is clicked. Do I start the interaction leading to the forms with the radio buttons or the NEXT button? What are the interactions in either case. This is a government project so I’m unable to share the RP file.

If you have a “Next” button which is used to launch the next form based on what radio button is selected, then the Next button is where your interaction code needs to be. The most straightforward method is to use the Click or Tap event of the Next button. Set up four conditional cases to test which radio button is selected and handle accordingly. If your “forms” are on separate pages, then use **Open Link" and point to the associated pages. If your forms are states of a dynamic panel, then set the dynamic panel to the associated state. Or, if your forms are groups of widgets, then show the appropriate group. In general, the code would look like:

If selected of Radio1 is true Open Link Page 1
Else if selected of Radio2 is true Open Link Page 2
Else if selected of Radio3 is true Open Link Page 3
Else if true Open Link Page 4

…Of course this assumes standard radio button behavior where one and only one of your radio buttons must be selected. You should select all radio buttons and enter a name in the “Assign Radio Group:” field in the INTERACTIONS panel.

Thanks for the quick response. A colleague with Axure 9 experience helped me figure this out exactly as you describe. I was going to post a “nevermind” this morning. All of my experience has been with Axure 8, so I was having trouble figuring out the new interaction schema. Thanks again.

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