How to link to a specific topic in a page

I’m creating a site where I have a onepage under each category. I’ve figured out how to link from the meny to a specific place in the page (via the scroll function). Now I’d like to do the same from a another page, even though the content is in a another page. My link is atm only going to the top of the page I’ve linked, and not to the correct topic. It’s a bit difficult to explain, but if anyone knows thos, I’d be most grateful for help!


Hi Janina,

It sounds like you have a widget on one page that opens a link to another page, and on that second page you wish to scroll to a particular widget when it loads–is that accurate? If so, then you can try using the OnPageLoad event on the page that gets opened to set up a Scroll to Widget action; this should allow you to have the page scroll to the specific header when your page is opened by your link.

Hopefully that helps!

Many thanks for your answer! I’ll try it straight away! :smiley: