How to make an Image appear to have a link when it doesn't

I couldn’t even figure out how to search for this one, so please forgive me if it’s already documented.

I have multiple copies of a group laid out in rows of four. Each group consists of an image, a link below it, and a line of description below that. (Please see demo attached.) MouseOverImage.rp (95.3 KB)

On the live site, the image is also linked to the same place as the text link below it. When you mouse over the link, it changes to a darker color (easy to do - I know - got that!). When you mouse over the Image, the cursor changes to a hand icon, indicating the image is a link.

In my demo I can’t get the image to do the same thing. I tried expanding the area of the hyperlink to cover the image as well, but that didn’t work. Hotspots don’t seem to offer any help either.

I know there’s got to be a way to do this and I just don’t know enough about either Axure or HTML or something. I can live without resolving this, but it would be real cool if I could.



Add a case to the OnClick event of the image but don’t put any actions in it. You can then copy/paste this empty case onto the OnClick event of each image.

Unbelievable. Works beautifully!

How do you come up with things like this???

Thank you!