How to make large number of tooltips controlled by a single code?

I’m building a roadmap for one of the projects I’m working on. Roadmap will require around 50 elements with tooltips displayed when they are clicked. I know I can use onClick and then select Show > Treat as flyout but that would require 50 repetitive changes if I want to change tooltip behaviour later.

Is there any way I could achieve this using a single code source? Maybe a trick with onMove element, or with jQuery? Ideally I would create a button (someButton) and a tooltip (someTooltip-T) and code would look for an element with “-T” in the name and show it.

I’ve attached a simple RP auto-tooltip.rp (50.4 KB) to illustrate what I’m trying to achieve, but all tooltips in it have been manually set.

You mean something like this?

auto-tooltip.rp (82.5 KB)

The tooltip is in a dynamic panel. OnShow of the DP, the text fields SetText based on it’s own Global Variable. Those Global Variables are set OnMouseEnter of the info blurbs.

Hope it helps.

If you put the information hotspots inside of a repeater you could 1.) better manage the data, and 2.) figure out tooltip spacing better.